Ausglass Members Liability Insurance

The Ausglass Members Liability Insurance available to Ausglass Members from this year (2019) is with a different insurer to that of previous years. It provides product, public & tenants liability coverage as well as property coverage: see the Policy Information Supplement for details.  Pleases also read the Policy Disclosure Statment for this product (and policy endorsement) as well as  the Financial Service Guide from City Rural, our insurance broker.

A summary of terms of the new product is shown below:

  • annual premium is $160 for $20,000,000 coverage of product, public and tenants liability.
  • claim excess is $500 
  • cover is for insured Member plus up to two others who are working on the same project.  
  • covers making, selling, exhibiting and teaching for up to 10 people per workshop. 

NB If you held a policy held for the year 2018-19 the 'grace period' for renewal ended on 30/6/2019.  As a result a completed APPLICATION FORM must be sent to City Rural. (NB: Payment without an application does not provide insurance cover.)

If purchasing a policy for the first time a FULL APPLICATION is required. (NB: Payment without an application does not provide insurance cover.)

After payment (and application where required) is received a Certificate of Currency will be emailed directly to the insured Member by the insurer. (NB If a certificate is not received please contact as a matter of urgency.)

Price: $160.00